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Analytical Services

Tensile Testing

NeXolve can perform measurement of many different tensile properties for various polymer film and metal foil materials. Tensile properties can be measured at various temperatures over the range from -135 °C – 180 °C using an Instron model 5569 two-column test frame with an environmental chamber and load cells up to 1kN. Tensile testing of film materials can also be measured at liquid helium temperatures using an Instron model 5565 two-column test frame and load cells up to 2 kN.

Tensile Testing Services

Tensile Strength; Elongation at Break; Elastic Modulus; Yield Strength; Peel Strength (180° Peel). ASTM D638-10, D882-02, D3528-96, D1002-05, D1938-08, and other tests available.

Testing Inquiries

For any questions or for additional information, please contact:

Analytical Services Manager: D. Lynn Rodman, Ph.D.

Phone: 256-836-7784


Address: 290 Dunlop Blvd. Building 200, Huntsville, AL 35824