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Advanced Materials

Low Cure Polyimides

CP1 Polyimide

CP1 Polyimide is a high-performance material with various uses in display applications, space structures, thermal insulation, electrical insulators, industrial tapes, and advanced composites.

CORIN® XLS Polyimide

CORIN® XLS Polyimide combines polyimide and nanocomposite technologies to deliver unsurpassed levels of optical clarity, oxidative stability, and stability to solar radiation.

Conductive Black CP1 Polyimide

Conductive Black CP1 Polyimide is filled with carbon nanoparticles to produce a conductive black polyimide material with lower RF loss than other black and conductive black polyimides. CP1 is a space-rated colorless polyimide material designed by NASA and further developed by NeXolve.

Novaclear® Polyimide

Novaclear® Polyimide is a colorless polyimide with higher temperature stability than NeXolve’s CP1 Polyimide, exhibiting a glass transition temperature exceeding 330°C.

Thermalbright® Polyimide

Thermalbright® Polyimide is a breakthrough high temperature highly reflective essentially opaque white polyimide film. Typical polyimides are orange-colored and highly absorptive when filled with white pigments, but Thermalbright is bright white in color and contains no silicones, acrylics, or non-polyimide polymers.