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About NeXolve

Our Team

NeXolve’s team is a diverse group of engineers, physicists, chemists, and biologists that all come together to provide solutions for challenging applications. We are a family dedicated to the tailored products and services we are known for delivering.

NeXolve’s leadership combines over 80 years of experience in the aerospace industry and R&D programs

Jim Moore

President and CEO
  • 35 years of experience in the thermomechanical design of aerospace structures
  • Served as Chief Engineer and Program Manager for our contract to design, manufacture, and test the Sunshield Membrane Assembly for the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Associate Fellow in AIAA

Jim Pearson

Director – Aerospace Products
  • Aerospace Engineer with 30+ years experience in research, development, and manufacturing of large deployable space structures
  • Currently supporting some key NASA programs including James Webb Space Telescope, Near Earth Asteroid Scout, and Solar Cruiser
  • Product areas include thin-film solar sails, drag sails, and sun-shields, thin-film RF antennas, and deployable metallic booms

Brandon Farmer, Ph.D, PMP

Director – Advanced Materials
  • 20 years of Material Science R&D experience
  • Ph.D. in Polymer Synthesis and Project Management Professional
  • Holds over ten patents on polymeric materials and applications

Mike Helba

Chief Scientist
  • Over 30 years of experience in aerospace engineering and experimental physics
  • Engineering, process, and test responsibilities for James Webb Space Telescope Sunshield
  • Degrees in Applied Physics and Operations Research

Brian Patrick

Senior Project Manager
  • 25 years of material product development and program management
  • Degree in Optical Engineering
  • Holds six patents and authored over a dozen papers on thin-film material development and application

Lynn Rodman, Ph.D.

Senior Project Manager
  • 20 years of Analytical Chemistry and Materials Science experience
  • Manages NeXolve Analytical Services business
  • Active in the research and development of new materials and modification of existing materials for NeXolve’s Advanced Materials Group

Mark Johnson

Principal Engineer
  • Worked in the aerospace industry for 20 years
  • Enjoys researching and solving challenging technical problems with innovative solutions
  • Key personnel on JWST Sunshield manufacturing, LISA-T design, and NEA Scout Solar Sail design and construction

Mona Gatlin

Office Director/FSO
  • Member of NeXolve/SRS Technologies 26 years
  • Has worked in industry for over 31 years
  • 2003 Ed Kells Award recipient

Paul Dupre

Senior Contracts Manager
  • Empowered Official for Export Compliance
  • Project Management Professional certified

Leigh Anne Parcus

Director of Finance
  • 28 years government contract accounting experience