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Advanced Materials

Specialty Materials & Films


Optinox® films and coatings are highly UV durable and exhibit excellent weathering durability, including very high stability to ozone.

Optinox® has a wide variety of uses in composites protection, corrosion resistance, and conformal coatings. Optinox® is available in rolls up to 60” wide or in low-temperature curing liquids for coating applications.


Sprayable Resin:

  • Low temperature (<100 °C) cure
  • Rapid solvent removal
  • Slower drying formulations
  • Custom formulations available upon request

Castable Resin

  • Typical flow casting formulations
  • Custom formulations available upon request

Continuous Rolls (Optinox)

  • 5 mil, 1.75 mil, 2.0 mil standard thicknesses
  • Other thicknesses available upon request
  • Min roll length 150 ft

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Optical Quality Films/Membranes

Nexolve forms materials into thin films with homogenous mechanical and optical properties with an extremely smooth surface.

Such films are termed “Optical Quality” and were developed primarily to minimize wavefront distortion through the material for imaging applications. This process can be adapted to numerous types of materials currently offered by Nexolve and commercially available from other vendors.


Typical characteristics of “Optical Quality” films are minimized thickness variation (lamda/20 has been demonstrated at 632nm) and surface roughness of 1.5nm RMS. Such characteristics make Nexolve Optical Quality films ideal for optical filtering, lightweight mirrors and pellicles, protective coverings, and other similar applications.


Optical Film:

  • 3 to 24 microns
  • Coating onto various substrates
  • Up to 1.5m diameter