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Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

NeXolve is a leader in providing advanced materials to companies who apply them to applications requiring the highest durability and performance. Materials developed and produced throughout our state-of-the-art facilities include:

Clear / Colorless Polyimides

NeXolve’s core polymer technology is clear and colorless polyimides tailored for applications in displays, space structures, thermal insulation, electrical insulators, industrial tapes, and advanced composites.

White Polyimides

Thermalbright® Polyimide is a breakthrough high-temperature, highly reflective, essentially opaque white polyimide film that is free of silicones, acrylics, and non-polyimide polymers.

Black Polyimides

Conductive Black CP1 Polyimide is filled with carbon nanoparticles to produce a conductive black polyimide material with lower RF loss than other black and conductive black polyimides.

Copper Clad Laminates

TR-Clad™ Flexible Laminates are the lowest dielectric constant, thinnest, and lowest weight copper/polyimide laminates available.

Low Cure Polyimides

Our low cure polyimides include CP1 Polyimides, CORIN® XLS Polyimide, Novaclear® Polyimide, Conductive Black CP1 Polyimide, and Thermalbright® Polyimide.

Custom Formulations

Nexolve can adjust or combine many of the properties of existing materials or adjust to these properties to develop a new material to fulfill a wide range of customer needs.

Specialty Materials
& Films

Optinox® films and coatings are highly UV durable and exhibit excellent weathering durability, including very high stability to ozone.

Low & Zero CTE Polyimides

Novastrat® 800 is a high-temperature polyimide film with a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), that closely matches the CTE of many metals and metal oxides.