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Advanced Materials

White Polyimides

Thermalbright® Polyimide

Thermalbright® Polyimide is a breakthrough high temperature, highly reflective, essentially opaque, white polyimide film. Typical polyimides are orange colored and highly absorptive when filled with white pigments, but Thermalbright is bright white in color and contains no silicones, acrylics or non-polyimide polymers.

Thermalbright is highly customizable and available in two different versions, Thermalbright® C and Thermalbright® N.

 Thermalbright® C is an electrostatic dissipative (ESD) capable material and Thermalbright® N for applications that require electrical insulation.


Unlike traditional “white polyimides,” Thermalbright® Polyimide is not a white acrylic laminate on top of an orange polyimide, it is a single film of white polyimide. This novel material is useful in thermal control applications requiring good UV and VUV durability.

  • High Optical Density / Light Blocking
  • Low Solar Absorptivity (0.11) High Emissivity (>0.82 at 1 mil thickness)
  • Low-Temperature Cure
  • Sprayable and Castable
  • Glass Transition Temperature 263 °C

Thermalbright® Polyimide is commercially available in rolls up to 60″ wide, as well as in castable and sprayable liquids. Thermalbright® Polyimide is ideal for use as thermal control materials, high-temperature labels, high temperature reflective materials, and other materials requiring long-duration exposure to extreme environments while retaining high reflectivity. Please download the technical datasheet or send a request for more information or to speak with an applications specialist.


Continuous Rolls:

  • 25 mil, 0.5 mil, 1.0 mil standard thicknesses
  • Other thicknesses available upon request
  • Min roll length 150 ft

Sprayable Resin

  • Low temperature (<100 °C) cure
  • Rapid solvent removal
  • Slower drying formulations
  • Custom formulations available upon request

Castable Resin

  • Typical flow casting formulations
  • Custom formulations available upon request